Track Day Recollection: Return to Thunderhill

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to today’s edition of TDR! This past Monday FJD Performance found ourselves yet again at another private track day hosted by Signature Wheel and the Ford Performance Racing School. This time however we were running at Thunderhill, just north of Sacramento.

Fresh out of the last private track day we all knew round 2 was eminent, and 6 months later we were back at Thunderhill Raceway Park where a little over a year ago we put in a 2:37 with NASA and the Mares old engine and setup.

We started the weekend by driving out to Willows Sunday afternoon and found ourselves meeting up with good friends in the Mustang and Track/Racing community. We were also very excited to meet up and talk with an old family friend who just so happens to be the driver of the GR40 Cobra, which by the way was the fastest car out there. Faster than even the new Ford Performance FP350S. At least on this track. Following this meet up with our family friend and the Griggs team at Southworst 737 Racing, we got to the track walk and then did a private track day dinner with all the participants. After dinner we prepped for the fun filled day at Thunderhill on Monday.

Monday came and we started off the day with a bang! The morning progressed into our first session where we put down a 2:16:515 – already 21 seconds faster! – and then into our 2nd session where we got some rain, and put down an even faster, wet time, of 2:13:695; and by our third session we put down our new PB on Thunderhill Bypass with a 2:11:748! The new engine, tune from Caliber Customs, revised suspension, 200TW tires, and improved driving skills and mentorship from Steve (GR40 Cobra) helped result in a 26 second faster lap time, and a projected 2:10:468 based off all the quickest track sectors. The Mare performed perfectly out on track, and now we’re aiming towards even more racecar mods! We had a blast out there with our track friends, Ford Performance Racing School and the guys at Signature Wheels and look forward to our next event!

Enjoy these phenomenal track photos from our buddy Rob Gluckman and our media on YouTube!















a fun video of Frank passing a E46 M3 and a Shelby GT350

and here is our fastest lap!

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