Track Day Recollection: SCCA at Crows Landing Round 14


Hey there Guys and Gals and welcome to another installment of TDR! This past weekend we found Frank and Rob at Crows Landing competing with the San Francisco Region of SCCA in Robs 1999 Mazda Miata, and boy was it a blast!

Frank and Rob started out the event as the first ones to run the course, and got a good idea right away of just how difficult this course would be. It also helped that they got to see the layout before the walk, and roughly 20 minutes later walking the actual course. Frank was first out putting in a mid 67 second run followed by Rob putting in a mid 66. Their second runs found Frank and Rob putting in a mid 64 and low 66 respectively, but Frank was having a little trouble dialing in the Miata as he is used to having a lot more rubber on the square setup on the Mare; it was slides and drifting galore out there for Frank the next few runs! Frank choked on his 4th run, resulting in a 72 second run, and Rob shortly followed suit, choking right before the finish line on his 4th run, resulting in a 67 second run.

Rob and Frank pulled up to grid, ready to pack up their things after feeling a round of defeat, but were relieved to find out that this time there was 5 runs and not 4! The guys took a second to relax and regain themselves, and then it was out to the starting line one last time for the day! Frank took the first set of slaloms a bit easier and wasn’t as aggressive which rewarded him with a 63.418; Rob followed shortly after with his own time of 63.309! Only .109 seconds between the two of them! The guys went home satisfied with their results, and celebrated with their traditional – post autocross run – burrito lunch at El Sombrero.

In addition to some go pro footage we are grateful to have had our buddy Tyson McPherson out there snapping shots of the event and getting some great action shots of both Rob and Frank out there. Rob was running as 114 and Frank as 14.














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