FJD Performance’s New MK II Race Livery

At the end of the 2019 season, we brain stormed up a new design for flagship car, The Mare, and over the course of 2020 and the begining of 2021 we set out to make the new vision a reality. Like our previous design, we utilized Forza Motorsport 7’s excellent game design features.

We had to start with a clean slate, so we ripped off the old vinyl livery design and over the course of a month started wrapping the entire car one body part at a time, starting with the fenders and the bumpers.

From here we started to wrap little pieces here and there like the liscense plate framing, A and C pillars and the tail lights until we got around to the doors and quarter panels. Following that up we started to apply the accents that help pull the design together.

After finishing off the majority of the body we started to apply the finer details with flags, sponsors, performance parts that we’re running and the rest of the works.

It took us some time to find a color that we liked, and luckily this vinyl was up to the task at hand. The color changes depending on the lighting and it serves as a good base for the car. Thank You to those that helped out, kept this a secret and helped with the inspiration.

If you guys are still wondering, this new design was modeled, inspired and is a tribute to the 1966 GT40 MkII piloted by Ken Miles and Denny Hulme at Le Mans.


Track Day Recollection: New Car who Dis?

Hey there Guys and Gals and welcome to todays TDR!

This last event out at Sonoma was definitely one for the books! There was good, there was bad, and there was ugly… for some people. Luckily not for the crew at FJD Performance.

This event was the official reveal of our new race livery and she was an absolute hit! Nobody knew what we were bringing to the table in terms of looks and we couldn’t be happier with the way the Mare turned out. The week leading up to Saturday was extremely stressful because it’s officially summer time and given the industry we work in, this is a very busy time for us, so the added stress there added to the last minute stress of prepping for a day at the track equalled a whole lot of stress! Thankfully someones brother was able to help pull some weight and drive to the racetrack carrying all the support gear so we could focus on driving.

First session out testing the car was a little bit of a shit show since TT and group 4 were mixed for the 1st and last sessions of the day, but it was a successful shake down to make sure the car wouldn’t fall apart the next session out and competing. Once the 2nd and 3rd session came along we were struggleing to put down a decent time. We couldn’t pull a lap faster than 158 out of the Mare, which was puzzling for us. Are we down on power? Are the tires just finally done? Is it the heat and the wind that was blowing hard all day the reason behind what was keeping us from 154s and the 153 we tried so desperately to put down this event?

Who knows…

Regardless the event was an absolute blast and in all honesty was the most fun we have had out there competing. That 3rd session was where it was at! We found ourselves about 4 minutes into the session battling it out with 2 exceptionally fast NA Miatas, and boy, was it an absolute blast!

Hot out of the Carousel 2 red Miatas were coming up hot on Frank’s 6. As they exited turn 6 and up into 7 and 7A Frank gave the point by to the first Miata. It had no roof, or windshield for that matter, and a cage with a little wing on the decklid. As the car passed they went into turn 7. The second Miata, also red, with a hard top decided it was also a good time to pass Frank on the inside of 7.

Play Time.

After being passed by not one, but 2 hot, flying red Miatas all Frank could see was red… ahem. We started to chase the 2 Mazdas down, contemplating making a pass on the inside of turn 11 on the hard top, but Frank took a step back and decided to pass after turn 12 and into turn 1. Catching up to the first Miata on the start/finish drag strip we made our pass as we entered turn 1 and heading up hill into turn 2. However that Miata was right there next to us and took back their placement in turn 2 and into turns 3 and 3A.

Following the Miata down 3A and in to turns 4 and 5 we were preparing to make the pass, but a waving yellow flag notified us otherwise. As we crested the hill and prepared for the descent into the Carousel, a White E46 M3 was spotted in the dirt, and we cautiously cruised our way into turn 6 as cautious eyes were open for a second or third yellow flag up at turn 7.

Luckily, there wasn’t one.

Flying down the Esses and back in to turn 11 we made our way around to start a new lap. This time instead of pasing the Miata on the inside we chose to pass on the outside as we went side by side one more time up in to turn 2, but this time we got them and pushed forward with eyes set on that first Miata. Flying through turns 3, 4 and 5 we set up our final pass straight out of the Carousel on the inside of straight away.

Saying we had an amazing day at the track, and that this was the most fun we had, is an understatement, but that’s the thing about experiences. They’re hard to describe. You have to experience it.