TDR: Test N Tune – Dream or Disaster


Hey there Ladies and Gents and welcome to the first edition of Track Day Recollection for the 2019 season! We have a good little review of our day at Crows Landing with good news, bad news and your typical FJD Performance entertainment. Do you want to start with the good or the bad?

Of course!

We thought so too! Good first!

The Mare with the new wheels and rubber made a HUGE difference out there on course. The 315s performed flawlessly and the lesser rotational mass made stopping the car a lot easier. To be quite honest, how the car is right now, its pretty perfect save getting a proper seat and harness in the car along with some bigger and better brakes. The car did great out on the air strip, and we CANNOT wait until we hit Sonoma again, but of course.. with a Test N Tune day, you find little gremlins… and gremlins we found.

Now onto the bad news…

After our second run on the course we brought the car back to grid and proceeded to pop the hood and check the oil. We got ready to throw an extra quart in, but as soon as we took the cap off…


You guessed it…

Somebody had poisoned the water hole!


Immediately after seeing this we went to the catch can to see what that looked like…

Needless to say…

It looked worse…


Some bloke decided to poor 150mL from his cappuccino in the catch can! Indeed a total “Oh shit” moment… Sorry kids (not really). We put that quart in, put the cappuccino mix into the empty container and proceeded to clean the coffee stains from the can and cap. We then went ahead and did what any other sane person would do and ran the car again!

After Run 2 we ran the car every other run and in between were checking the catch, oil filler cap, dipstick and coolant. Lots of texts and pictures were sent back and forth with our buddy Will and we couldn’t exactly figure out what was going on since there was no milky residue on the cams, dipstick or in the coolant. Sure enough though after some runs we would come back to this sight.


Upon further inspection after lunch we looked at the T Inlet for the catch can hoses and saw that the driver side hose was clean, the passenger side hose was looking like a starbucks machine and then leading into the can was some more of the cappuccino residue.




Screw it…fix the car… clean up the gunk and run some more!

That’s exactly what we did!

We finished off a couple more runs, and finally after our 10th, and second fastest run of the day, we called it quits for the Mare. During that time though Will and Frank eventually came to the conclusion that the liquid we were finding inside the catch can, and the motor, was none other than fuel itself. Some more clues were given by start up and watching the AFR at idle jump to high 11s and having fuel cut off during one of the runs. We think that a injector may be stuck open, and off our race tune, is just dumping fuel. We still finished the day in the Mare with a fastest time of a 42.018.

Fret not though, as we still ran a handful of runs in Rob’s Miata! All in all we still had a great day out at Crows. Caught up with some AutoX buddies, shared good laughs with old friends and made new ones! Not to mention even though the Mare was having a hard time running, she was catching a lot of attention and turning heads!





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