Custom Modifications: Oil Catch Can

Hey there Guys and Gals, and welcome to today’s edition of Custom Modifications! This past weekend we installed our Oil Catch Can kit on the Mare, and boy was it a pain figuring out placement, and trying not to bake in this near triple digit heat! We started off by ordering a 6oz Catch Can from Turner Motorsports. You may not be familiar with that name unless you’re somewhat of a BMW fan because this part is actually made for cars like Elise, a E46 3 series. However most of these kits are universal, so as long as you’re willing to make modifications you should be good to go. I mean… this article series IS called Custom Modifications

We got the OCC on Thursday, and immediately went to the engine bay of the Mare to try and figure out where to fit this behemoth of a can. We tried in multiple spots using the supplied brackets, but nothing really seemed to work efficiently, and were too far away. It wasn’t until we realized that we had some aluminum brackets in the garage that would help us place the OCC behind the intake manifold on the firewall.

You may be wondering…

“Why go with the Turner can?”

“Why didn’t you just get a JLT or other brand?” or other questions that we could list, but really don’t care enough to type.

We got this one for these reasons: it’s bigger than most quality cans (coming in 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz); it’s the same price for all the sizes, no increase between the three (189.99); it’s baffled unlike most cans. The JLT ones did not have any of these perks, and the JLT was only 40 bucks less than the Turner kit!






One of the potential locations for the can was under the radiator cover on the frame above the fan, but that proved to be not only inaccessible, but the distance the air would have to travel would be too far. The next couple locations were on the passenger side coil pack mount (which also proved inaccessible) and under the STB on the driver side on a bracket. The location under the STB would of worked if we found a way to level out the can more, but that was when we remembered the brackets in the garage that we used.





We had the right amount of clearance and placement with the Aluminium brackets sitting in the garage, so they got the green light. We had to measure and drill into the base of the bracket so it would sit under the bolts the connect the back of the STB to the firewall. How the can sits now, it is completely accessible and serviceable.







The fit under the hood is now ever so tighter with all this stuff in the engine bay, but it looks great nonetheless.

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